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Culture Crush - a business podcast about company culture.


The Culture Crush Business is a growing community to help support growing great company cultures. We are the support system that companies need. We provide companies with the resources that will help build their company culture. We also provide the opportunity to learn from other companies that are crushing it with a great company culture.

The Culture Crush Podcast is the only podcast that does a deep dive with companies that is focused on growing company culture. On this long form podcast, we highlight companies, nationally and globally, that are crushing it with great culture. This podcast also highlights the companies that provide resources to for supporting and improving company culture. These conversations with company leaders allow the listeners to learn from real life experiences, gain tips for growing a good culture, and hear best practices for creating a healthy work environment where employees can find joy and satisfaction in their work.

There are many resources out there that focus on company culture, supporting employees, highlighting values, and company missions- but there is only one platform of these culture focused resources in one place- and you have found it here! We look forward to having you join the Culture Crush Business Community and Podcast.


Culture is not just a tag word to be thrown around. It is not something you throw in job descriptions to draw people to applying for jobs. Unfortunately, that is what many companies do. The truth is that company culture is something that can truly make or break a company.

According to Marcus Buckingham and Ashely Goodall in their book Nine Lies About Work, “Culture is the tenants of how we behave. It’s like a family creed. This is how we operate and treat each other in the family.” Most companies know that they need to work at improving their company culture and grow these strong tenants, but they are not sure where to start.

There are many resources out there, but they are scattered and difficult to find and narrow down the right ones for each company. Culture is not a one size fits all, so it is important for companies to find the resources that are the right fit for growing their company culture. We have worked to build a platform that brings all of the resources together in one place and one community. The Culture Crush Business Community is the one stop shop for everything related to growing company culture; resources, books, blogs, leaders, coaches, consultants, and of course the Culture Crush Business Podcast.


This community is a one stop shop for everything that has to do with growing company culture. We share and showcase what is out there. We bring together the resources in one location to help companies improve their company cultures. We talk with company leaders to share their stories of success and struggles. We share the right books that leaders should have on their bookshelves. We search and showcase the companies out there that can support growing great cultures. We share the coaches and consultants that are out there to support growing good cultures. We are a community of other business professionals, leaders, and individuals that are passionate about growing great company cultures.

The podcast is the center of the Culture Crush Business Community. We record the podcast episodes as an opportunity to showcase these resources to the community. We find companies that are crushing it with a great company culture and bring them on the podcast to share their stories; how they grew their culture, what were the struggles, and what area the successful tools that they have used. These stories, examples, and tools can then be shared with the other listening companies. It is important for us to also share other community resources, coaches, consultants, and tools out there that companies can utilize to help grow their company culture as well. The Culture Crush Business Podcast is the first stop when it comes to gaining support for growing a great company culture and will continue to grow the arsenal resources for that can be found in the Culture Crush Business Community.

“The best way to create a positive culture at work is for the leader to bring positive energy to work. People follow people. People follow the leader.”
David Cottrell, President at CornerStone Leadership Institute

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Get to know Kindra

The girl behind the show, Kindra Maples

About Kindra

Kindra Maples is your energetic and passionate host of the Culture Crush Business Podcast.

She is spartan racer, past animal trainer, previous magician’s assistant, and has a weakness for Oreo cookie shakes. Her journey working with people actually started working with animals as a teenager (don’t worry we won’t go that far back for her bio).

She worked for over 15 years in the zoo industry working with animals and the public. Her passion of working with animals shifted into working with people in education, operations and leadership roles. From there her passion of leadership and helping people develop has continued to grow.
Her experience in non-profit operations, communications, and program engagement has brought her to the place she is today- leading the only podcast that focuses solely on company cultures. Her experiences have built her passion and her “why” in areas of culture building, engagement, and growing strong teams.
Then came the opportunity to launch the Culture Crush Business Podcast on the Phoenix Business RadioX platform and she jumped on it.
Her unique experiences have built her to become the innovative, collaborative leader that is interested in showcasing companies with a great company culture while also sharing the resources that are available to help other companies build their great company culture.

“Organizational culture is about how you feel, and how you personally succeed (or don’t) in an environment”
Arthur F.Carmassi, Founder of Directive Communication Psychology

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The people behind the scenes

We want to thank a few people for their behind the scenes effort in helping this relaunch to come to life. James Johnson with Tailored Penguin Media Company LLC.– It is a small, but powerful video production company with a goal to deliver the very best by articulating the vision of your brand in a visually creative way. Gordon Murray with Flash PhotoVideo, LLC. -Flash Gordon has been photographing since high school and evolving since then with new products that will equip, encourage, engage, and enable. Renee Blundon with Renee Blundon Design – She is not only one of the best freedivers (that’s not how she helped with the podcast) but she is great with graphics design and taking the direction for the vision that you have while also adding creative ideas to bring to your vision to life.

These are just a few of the folks that supported the relaunch of the podcast. If you would like to be part of the Culture Crush team or would like to support underwriting the show- please reach out: culturecrushpodcast@gmail.com

“Culture is similar to the personality of a human. It is learned and created but not innate or permanent. It can be evolved.”
Carol Sanford – Author, Speaker & Consultant

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