The Culture Crush Business Podcast is a podcast that we hope is for all listeners. With that being said, this is great episode to listen to if you are leading a company or working for a company that is trying to build their company culture into the onboarding and training for employees. Culture starts at the very beginning and Journeyage is helping to make that possible. 

This is also a great episode for those company leaders and employees to listen to if they are wanting to find a few new tips for adding “spice” to their company culture. We want to help companies build their company culture while also showcasing the companies that have a great company culture. There are not many companies out there where you can show up to work on your first day dressed as the Easter Bunny (wink wink…. You should just listen to the show) but we are here to showcase them to the community. 

This was an episode with Michael Zalle from YellowBird. Kindra, the Culture Crush Podcast host, and Michael were both attending the Behind the Mic event with PBRX and ended up in the same breakout room. After the connection and conversations, Kindra now works on the YellowBird team. Yay, relationship building with PBRX!!!

YellowBird is an online marketplace that simply and easily connects Environmental Health and Safety Professionals with businesses on-demand. Their vetting process ensures the deep roster of nationwide professionals are interviewed, background checked, insured, and certified, so they are ready to perform when needed.

YellowBird uses technology to save companies 25% and match professionals with projects 15X faster than traditional consultants or staffing agencies.

Michael Zalle is the Founder and CEO of YellowBird. As a career tech entrepreneur, Board member, and advisor, he has a passion for making a difference through finding ‘the better way’ to solve big problems through tech. He’s responsible for creating and building new concepts and companies, resulting in multiple successful exits over a 25-year career.

He attended San Francisco State University and Pepperdine University with a focus on Business Management. Michael enjoys traveling with his wife of 20 years and two awesome kids.

He engages in a variety of outdoor sports including golf and tennis; he ranks himself as an incredibly average golfer and perhaps even worse tennis player but remembers a day when he was competitive at both.

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Journeyage is an enterprise training solution for onboarding remote employees. We believe that one-size training doesn’t fit all, but one platform can! People have unique personalities, roles, locations, backgrounds, preferences, and possibilities. Use our robust personalization features to simply—and automatically—tailor what every employee experiences in the training you deliver to them.

50’s housewife by interest and intersectional feminist by passion, Lisa Glenn Nobles is just as likely to be whipping up strawberry jalapeno preserves as crafting a Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging action plan for Journeyage.

Her professional passions include building systems, creating strong cultures that value humans over profits, and making Slack a fun place to be. When she’s not working on operations at Journeyage, she can just as likely be found:

  • Hiking in the Phoenix Mountain Preserve
  • Binge-watching Queer Eye while having a good cry
  • Planning her next international trip (South America, Japan, Kazakhstan, and New Zealand are on the shortlist)
  • Hanging out with her husband throwing the ball to labrador Clarence or cuddling with ragdoll cat Honey

Lisa came to Journeyage after a journey through the nonprofit, operations, and education sectors, finding her true home at Journeyage (where she gets to do all those things!). She volunteers regularly with ConstellateAZ, a local nonprofit dedicated to getting high risk youth involved in entrepreneurship. If you’d like to share a recipe or an idea for generosity initiatives, Lisa can be found on Twitter and LinkedIn, and by email.

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