This quick episode is a look into how the Culture Crush Business Podcast started and where it is headed. This show started as a passion project to do on the side and it has quickly grown into something bigger. This show is growing into a brand that is needed in our world today. This show will highlight the companies that are growing with a great company culture, while also providing resources to those that need the support to do so. We hope you join us on the journey in highlighting and supporting companies in growing a great company culture.


  • 1:27: Growing the brand- The podcast is growing into something more than just a podcast.
  • 2:20: How it started- The show had been dormant until Karen Nowicki reached out.
  • 3:20: The why- I wanted to focus on company culture being the root of growing good companies
  • 4:20: Using my experiences- Using good and bad experiences to support company culture
  • 5:40: We are the only podcast (that we have found)- focusing on company culture and what makes a great company culture.
  • 6:20: Thank you- Thank you for listening, sharing, and supporting.

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Hey Everyone!

Thank you for tuning in!

We are here today for a very unique episode; no guests, no sponsors, just me, your host of the Culture Crush Podcast Kindra Maples.

I want to take a few moments to tell you a little bit about the Culture Crush Podcast. What it is, why it’s here, and the future direction that the podcast is heading in.

On the podcast we focus on everything surrounding businesses with good company culture. We talk with company leaders to learn about real-life experiences, tips, and best practices for creating a healthy work environment. We will also share businesses and resources that are helping to support growing a good company culture.

But this podcast is growing into more than that. It is growing into a brand, a resource, and a support system for businesses. Although we are growing more than a podcast, I do have to give some credit to where the podcast actually began. I am extremely thankful for Debra Caron who launched and hosted the show originally. Ironically, she took a job with a company that she brought on the show- a company with a great company culture. We wish her all the best!

The show had been dormant for a while when Karen Nowicki, the owner of Phoenix Business RadioX, brought it up to me. She brought it up as an opportunity for me to take on because she knew I had a strong passion for companies with a great company culture.

I was extremely excited about the idea but a little hesitant at the same time. I don’t have a fancy degree focused on company culture and leadership. I have a degree but,I’m not like Marcus Buckingham and Simon Sinek. Those guys are icons when it comes to company culture and leadership. The things is, they cover a broader picture- leadership, inspiration to find your why, growing yourself, growing your teams, and other areas of motivation.

I wanted to focus on company culture being the root of all of these things.

So, then the next question is, what makes me the right person for this?Wellbecause I’m the one that decided to take on the challenge and grow with it. I decided to not only run with this but grow this into a brand that truly highlights companies that have a great company culture.I want to provide resources to the companies that are trying to grow their company culture.

As far as experience with company culture- I have it. I have the experience of working with companies that have a great company culture… and others that don’t. I have experience working with companies that have a great company culture but then when you get down to the team levels, that company culture is not there.

So I wanted to take this experience and simply be the one to highlight other companies that are doing things right. I want to introduce you to the leaders that are doing amazing things and provide companies with the resources to improve their company culture.

I might not be the pro- but I will be the one to introduce you to the pros.

So fast forward to now. Here we are- doing just that. We are highlighting what builds great company culture and how it affects the overall success of a company. Connecting companies to the right resources to help them grow their company culture.

And guess what? We are the only one doing this. There are thousands of podcasts out there about a variety of different topics;food, relationships, and comedy. There are many podcasts out there that are business focusedtoo, and are even produced out of the same Phoenix Business RadioX studio. Some focus on growing a business, financial growth, and project management.

But this is the only podcast (that we have found) focusing on company culture and what makes a great company culture, highlighting how successful leaders create and foster that culture, and showcasing how it affects the overall success of a company. We showcase the companies that are crushing it in these areas of great company culture!

So, as we grow past 100 thousand listeners already (at the time this was written in February we had passed 145,000 listeners), I want to thank you.

Thank you for listening in, sharing the podcast, liking our social media, and taking the risk with me. This podcast and the team behind it (oh yes there is a team behind this!!)is doing amazing things and it is only going to get bigger.

So, thank you for tuning into the Culture Crush Business Podcast- the podcast that does a deep dive into a variety of companies that are crushing it with a great company culture!

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