It may sound odd at first, but Rick relies on his decades of studying and working with non-human animals to best serve as a coach for individuals and a consultant for businesses. And he attributes his skills in observation and decoding behavior to his dyslexia.

Growing up with dyslexia, Rick was forced to learn in a system that he could not fit into. Adapting and seeing the world differently, Rick learned the importance of shifting perspectives from his own to others and vise versa.

As many of us know, listening is the most important part of communicating. But Rick also applies the need to truly understand the people he works with. As he learned with working with animals – each one is an individual. Therefore you work with them in a way that suits them. He works with people ands businesses the same way, taking the time to acknowledge the individual (or individuals) and understand who they are.

Rick Schwartz is a certified life coach, podcast host and has a deep fascination with human and animal behavior. Rick’s formal education in Animal Science and Animal Behavior set the foundation for him working closely with people and animals for the last three decades. This has given him the opportunity to meet and work with people of all walks of life, from all over the world. Rick has mentored young adults transitioning from college to career, coached clients in rebalancing their life, advised & coached heads of organizations and has worked as a private consultant for small businesses and large organizations.

Rick coaches a lifestyle framework that helps his clients create a very individualistic plan that is linked to balance, personal growth and their purpose. He focuses on seven key areas of the client’s life, that influence all aspects of the client, allowing them to identify and reach the life they want. Rick works with is clients to dig down to the foundation of who they really are. Together they uncover and understand where they are versus where they want to be. Rick loves coaching his clients as they create their own plan and path to the life they want.

Takeaway Teaching Moment!

How shifting away from your own perspective can solve many of the challenges we face.

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