We knew going into it, that this show was going to be impactul, and it was exactly that. Both Brad and Michelle have amazing backgrounds that have led them to where they are today. When you listen to the podcast, be ready to pull out a map to track Brad’s amazing background and upbringing, and then you’ll be astonished to hear the longevity and growth that Michelle has had with Televerde.

These two have the passion for supporting the growth of purpose driven companies in two areas that overlap through the entire conversation. The topics of mental health programs and supporting the growth opportunities for incarcerated women were the strong threads through the conversation.

While talking about growing a purpose driven business it is important to also mention the importance of profit at that level as well. People, purpose, and profit can all thrive and grow at the same strong level. This is a principle that both Michelle and Kindra are familiar with through their work and alignment with Conscious Capitalism.

This podcast is a great one for leaders to listen to. It is important to hear and understand the need for mental health programs to support employees. This is not a new topic but a topic that companies are not familiar with talking about, and they need to get over it. When it comes to the topic of diversity and inclusion, then the conversation of hiring previously incarcerated men and women in the workplace should be part of the conversation or companies are not truly hiring in a fully inclusive manner.

This conversation was deep, honest, passionate, eye opening, and important to share.

In the words of Brad’s amazing late mother, “ The well being of everyone is dependent on the well being of everyone.”

Culture Mindful is a workforce culture nurture and growth mindset coaching platform. Their future of work digital platform is designed upon proven methods to boost workforce performance, mental well-being, build team resiliency and nurture inspired teams.

Brad Kewalramani is the Founder of Culture Mindful. He has a professional background in Talent, Culture & Employee Experience.

He spent the first decade of his career in the recruitment and staffing agency space, was then headhunted for a leadership role in the home owner association management space, and most recently moved in to the space of office coffee services because he was fascinated to learn that companies justify the spend of money on coffee and snacks for culture.

He is now on a mission to assist organizations cultivate culture mindful workplaces that supports performance and mental well-being.

Connect with Brad on LinkedIn and follow Culture Mindful on Instagram.

Michelle Cirocco is Chief Social Responsibility Officer for Televerde and the Executive Director of Televerde Foundation. She joined Televerde in 1999 and has held several leadership positions including Chief Marketing Officer.

Michelle was recently named one of the World-Changing Women in Conscious Business by Conscious Company magazine. Her journey of transformation was also featured by Forbes in a two-part interview. Michelle is a strong customer champion with a tireless commitment to using business as a force for good.

Michelle earned her MBA from Arizona State University where she also serves as an Advisory Board Member for the Center for Services Leadership. She holds multiple certifications from SiriusDecisions. Michelle is an avid TED fan and organized and hosted TEDxPerryvilleCorrectional, the first TEDx to be held in an Arizona prison. The event looked behind the curtain of incarceration to show the potential that exists in providing second chances.

Michelle dedicates a significant amount of her free time giving back to her local community by volunteering for the Phoenix Rescue Mission and Athena International. She is a member of the National Association of Female Executives and MBA Women International.

Connect with Michelle on LinkedIn and Twitter, and follow Televerde on LinkedInFacebookTwitter and Instagram and the Televerde Foundation on LinkedInFacebookTwitter and Instagram.

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