This is the first episode of a new series that is solely focused on coaches and consultants. We have found that there are a large number of coaches and consultants out there that focus on helping companies to improve their company culture- so we thought- why not highlight them! 

The coaches and consultants that we will highlight in this series have a unique background that has brought them to become a coach or a consultant that focuses on company culture. The really fun part about this series is the tangible takeaway that our audience will have to walk away with after listening to the episode as well. We have asked the coaches and consultants to bring something tangible on the podcast that they can share with our listeners. This means our community will have something actionable that they can take back to the office with them. 

This first episode in the series is actually a long time friend of our Culture Crush Business Podcast host. 

Michael DeSchalit is a multi-award winning Hypnotist, Magician, Speaker, Trainer, and Author. His experience working in the corporate sales field has led him to become a successful entrepreneur and Las Vegas Headliner. He brings not only knowledge to the table but also the excitement of a Las Vegas production show. In his 25 plus years of experience, he has traveled the world working with small to large organizations helping them to achieve their goals and create a culture within that provides an environment that is conducive to growth and success.

Michael has worked with some of the biggest and most productive organizations in the country with over 25 years of experience he brings a fresh and very unique approach to his programs. He combines traditional motivation techniques with highly focused mindset coaching integrated with hypnosis and NLP (Neuro Linguistics Programming) methods and training. His training programs are focused, purposeful, and experientially engaging with actionable steps that are easy to accomplish thereby enabling faster goal achievement and massive results.

His coaching covers working with the entire organization beginning with group training and then moving to pocket group training with the managers and ultimately culminates with a focused strategic training with the core leadership team. All the while there is integrated personal coaching available for specific individual needs. 

He takes pride in being able to customize his training programs to meet each organization’s goals. His training is not to stock motivational programs that lack substance and lasting results, but instead, help to correct issues that exist within an organization and provide them with tools and knowledge that allow for long term growth and sustainability.

His coaching style is unique and cannot be compared with other traditional coaching programs. He blends a combination of group team building and personal coaching combined with mindset reframing and hypnotic programming to achieve massive results from the individual employees all the way up the ranks to the leadership team.

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Tangible Takeaway

Listeners should tune in to the podcast to learn about The Six “R’s” – Respect, Responsibility, Realize, Recognize, Reinforce, and Replace. Mike breaks down the Six R’s in order to help our audience with focus areas that they can improve on in their companies. These Six R’s are helpful for all listeners, not just the leaders of the companies. 

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