We are so thankful to have Sidnee Peck, from Source Global, and Brian Stinson, from Peak Fleet on the podcast. We were able to go a little deeper in the conversation around values, alignment, and company culture being intentional.

Sidnee talks about how their CEO and Founder, Cody Friesen, was very intentional about growing the strong company culture from day one. A company culture needs to be both organic and intentional and that is truly what he has tried to do. This intentionality starts during the hiring process with making sure that each hire truly is the best fit. Sidnee even discusses an example where there was a company hire that was brought on and shortly after it was revealed that the person was not the best fit. Sometimes it can be better to leave the seat empty instead of filling it with the wrong fit.

Brian brings expertise to the table from his background and experience working with Intel, to the position he holds now as the Culture Engineer with Peak Fleet (we love that title name). He has worked with many companies, from start ups to larger organizations, to help build and develop their values which allowed for a very fluid conversation with Sidnee. There was so much to talk about and definitely not enough time- there will have to be a part two to this conversation.

This episode is great for any listener and we really mean that. We talked about values, cultural alignment, misalignment, growing culture intentionally and organically, working together on a purpose and mission, having inspirational leaders at the forefront, growing a cultural legacy through storytelling and more. This conversation is for both leaders at the top and employees striving to grow to the top. At the end of the day, culture is not one size fits all. It can be difficult at times, but it is not rocket science.

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SOURCE Global, PBC makes the world’s first renewable drinking water system, from just sunlight and air. Clean, safe, water made entirely off-grid, anywhere in the world.

SOURCE was founded and built in Arizona and aims to perfect water for every person, every place.

Sidnee Peck serves as EVP of Assets for SOURCE Global, PBC (formerly Zero Mass Water), a science and technology firm in Scottsdale, Arizona focused on Renewable Water. During her time at SOURCE she has held roles of Chief of Staff to the CEO and VP of Global BD Operations and Consumer Strategy.

She is the former CEO of SMART Brain Aging, Inc. a healthcare technology company focused on dementia. Under Sidnee’s leadership, SMART was awarded the Arizona Innovation Challenge award in summer 2016; she founded the Aging2.0 Local chapter and was a founding member of the action team for Dementia Friendly Tempe.

She served as an instructor of entrepreneurship at the W. P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University for nine years, where she also launched the Center for Entrepreneurship in 2014 and consulted with global technology firms in customer and market development.

She helped to found the Golden Seeds Arizona Chapter and speaks frequently at StartUp Week and CCAZ events.

Peck lives in Phoenix with her family and is devoted to innovation – she found her passion for startups as a co-founder with technology company, Alaris in 2009. She has her bachelor’s from the University of New Mexico and her MBA from the W. P. Carey School of Business.

Connect with Sidnee on LinkedIn and Twitter.

The PEAK Fleet is an organizational development company with a purpose to create an engaged workforce that thrives together. The PEAK Fleet is a certified Benefit Corporation for Good and believes that improving the planet and supporting people is just as important as making a profit.

They provide workshops, in-depth consulting, speaking engagements, and other events that guide organizations to improved employee satisfaction and business results.

Brian Stinson, co-founder of The PEAK Fleet is a father, engineer, entrepreneur and athlete with more than 20 years building high performing teams and driving culture change. He has an Industrial Engineering degree, but believes that “people and systems thinking” has been in his DNA since birth.

During his 21 years at Intel Corporation, he learned to combine the science of data and analytics with the power of empathy and authentic relationships to actually solve real world business problems. At the end of his tenure, Brian was responsible for the Workforce Strategy for Intel’s 6000 person worldwide IT organization.

While in this role, he decided that the balance of his career would be dedicated to Organizational Development. For Brian, launching The PEAK Fleet, represented an opportunity to help the greatest number of organizations unlock their full potential and make a bigger impact on the lives of people at work.

Follow The Peak Fleet on LinkedInFacebook and Instagram.

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