The Culture Crush Business Podcast team wants to make sure that we are always sharing great companies with our audience. We want to make sure that we are highlighting companies that are crushing it with a great company culture but there is more to it all then that. We want to make sure we are also proving our listeners with the best resources out there to help with building a great company culture. A great company culture starts at the top. The CEO is the individual that the team looks up to and follows. This puts a lot of pressure on that individual to show strength in leading the team in the right direction. It is important to see the leader as more than that. They are humans too; learning to balance work, family, teams, budgets, emotions, and more.

Our two guests are two amazing resources that help support the CEO’s in order to give them the tools and support they need to grow their teams and their companies.

Andy Maurer, Emotional Wellness Coach
Tom Goodman, Vistage CEO Chair

New research around neuroscience and leadership shows that there is a large disconnect between logic and emotion that greatly limits a leader’s capacity to perform at optimum levels in their life, work, and relationships. Leaders rarely have a place to safely and confidentially process and make sense of their inner struggles. As an emotional wellness coach, and a former licensed therapist specializing in leadership, Andy has created a space for them to show up and reclaim their humanity and true identity.

Although you might have heard of Vistage before, Tom is one of the best Vistage Chair’s out there. Vistage is the world’s largest CEO executive coaching and peer advisory board organization, with over 24,000 members worldwide. Executives join Vistage groups to connect with other high-performing presidents & CEOs to help them become better leaders and accelerate their company’s growth and profitability.

Who should listen?
This episode is a great episode for everyone to listen to but the focus is definitely on support for CEOs. Do you know a CEO that you would like to support and provide some resources to? Are you the CEO of a company and you are needing support from other CEOs that you can connect with? Are you a CEO that is looking for personal support that allows you a safe space to help dive into some inner struggles? Or if you are a CEO that thinks you are doing “fine” leading your company, you should listen to this episode.

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Vistage is the world’s largest CEO executive coaching and peer advisory board organization, with over 24,000 members worldwide. Executives join Vistage groups to connect with other high-performing presidents & CEOs to help them become better leaders and accelerate their company’s growth and profitability.
Vistage members do three things differently compared with other CEOs and business leaders:

  1. They step away from their day-to-day duties on a regular basis to think about and focus on their business, rather than work in their business. They get out of the weeds and are able to focus on strategy.
  2. They connect with other leaders in like roles and share learnings to help each other make important, more informed decisions. They become better decision-makers and are more confident in the decisions they make.
  3. They are constantly looking for outside perspectives for new and innovative ideas to bring into their businesses.

Vistage peer advisory boards work: a D&B study showed that Vistage member companies grew on average 2.2x faster than did other similarly-sized companies.

Before becoming a Vistage CEO Chair, Tom Goodman founded and led two technology companies that spearheaded commercialization and business development for clients ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies; frequently he embedded with the clients’ executive teams to develop and implement successful growth strategies for business, technology and manufacturing.

Prior to focusing on his passion for developing executives and their businesses, Goodman performed in a wide range of roles from R&D, product & process engineering and manufacturing, to sales & marketing and management. He was worked extensively developing international businesses and markets, particularly in Asia.

Goodman holds Master’s and Bachelor’s Degrees in science and engineering. His fields of specialty include business consulting, international business, product development, strategic development and technology.

Connect with Tom on LinkedIn.

Andy Maurer is a keynote speaker and an emotional wellness coach for high level leaders in business and entertainment. In addition, he has a background as a licensed therapist specializing in leadership and trauma. He works with high performance leaders, including CEO’s, founders, entrepreneurs, and influencers, educating and equipping them on the issue of toxic stress, and trauma and its impact on their work and relationships. After years of working with leaders, he has come to believe that any leader can change the world, but only whole and emotionally healthy leaders can change the world for the better.

He has worked with numerous leadership groups including YPO, EO, Vistage, Marketplace One, and Renaissance Executive Forums–building out curriculum, facilitating trainings and live experiences, and consulting around the issue of emotional health and leadership.

He earned both a Masters of Divinity in Professional Counseling from Phoenix Seminary and a Masters in Marital Family Therapy from Fuller Theological Seminary.

Connect with Andy on LinkedIn and Instagram.

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