From growing up in a coal mining town to growing a company with a great company culture- it was a good thing Kindra and Rick had the full hour to talk together.

The conversation was so open and honest from Rick as he talked about the ways that he has open arms towards his employees. He fully understands the way to support his people. Even when it comes to having BBQ’s and get togethers with the staff, they invite back past employees to attend as Alumni to the events.

This show is a great show to listen to for some snippets of positive thoughts and feedback for CEO’s to take care of their teams.

“Don’t under emphasize how important it is to work on and improve your people and processes. If one of those are broke then you are toast.”

Field Agent is a global Work-On-Demand Platform. Harnessing smartphones across the country, the Field Agent platform bridges the gap between brands and their customers.

Rick West has co-founded multiple start-ups, including the Northstar Partnering Group, CORE4 Research, JOYN, and most recently Field Agent.

He is a mentor and speaker within the entrepreneurial community and an active board member. He is also a member of the global Endeavor Entrepreneur network.

Rick is an 8 wing 7 and has a BBA in Personnel and Industrial Relations with a minor in Economics from the University of Kentucky.

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